西芹汁如何帮助疗愈腹胀(气) How Celery Juice Helps Heal Bloating

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How Celery Juice Helps Heal Bloating Celery juice helps alleviate bloating for a number of reasons. First, it revives the liver, which allows for increased bile production and reserves. More bile production means stronger breakdown and digestion of fats, whether healthy or unhealthy, from the high-fat diets most everyone eats. This bile strength disperses new fats that are being consumed on an ongoing basis as well as old fats that have hardened and caked along the walls of the gut, causing illnesses and symptoms such as bloating. As celery juice is revitalizing the liver, it’s also revitalizing the stomach glands. We rely on these glands to produce an array of gastric juices, some critical to our digestion, processing, and breakdown of nutrients such as proteins. When protein is not being digested properly and is instead rotting in the gut, bloating can occur. Actually, that alone is a cause of chronic bloating for many. Celery juice’s sodium cluster salts enter the stomach glands and feed cells there, purging them of any toxins from toxic food chemicals such as preservatives and “natural flavors” (which are MSG-laden—read more in Medical Medium). When the stomach gland tissue is revived, the glands can produce stronger hydrochloric “acid—which is actually composed of seven different acids—at a higher rate. In turn, this helps break down protein. Celery juice also kills off SIBO-related pathogens such as strep. (And if you read Liver Rescue, then you know medical research and science have yet to discover that strep is the leading type of bacteria in SIBO.) Colonies of unproductive bacteria like strep off-gas ammonia as they feed off undigested proteins and fats in our guts. That ammonia then seeps up the digestive tract, wreaking havoc as it goes, all the way up to the stomach and even mouth, where it can cause receding gums and quicken tooth decay. As celery juice kills off strep and other pathogens while its digestive enzymes help process food in the intestinal tract, it leads to less bloating. Someone can experience one of these causes of bloating—low bile, low hydrochloric acid, or pathogens off-gassing ammonia—two of them, or all three at once. Most people have more than one, and no matter which cause, the chronic bloating is usually an early sign of a liver condition developing. That’s all the more reason to turn to celery juice, since it’s a support for the liver.




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