西芹汁如何帮助疗愈疲劳 How Celery Juice Helps Heal Fatigue

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西芹汁如何帮助疗愈疲劳 How Celery Juice Helps Heal Fatigue文章源自安疗网https://www.anliao.life/安疗网-https://www.anliao.life/6700.html











How Celery Juice Helps Heal Fatigue文章源自安疗网https://www.anliao.life/安疗网-https://www.anliao.life/6700.html


Daily fatigue with no rhyme or reason, such as the fatigue that goes along with ME/CFS, is often caused by a chronic viral load. Commonly, it’s the Epstein-Barr virus. When feeding off harmful substances such as the toxic heavy metal mercury, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and petroleum-based products, EBV produces neurotoxins that float around the body, creating nervous system sensitivities and allergic reactions—resulting in what I call neurological fatigue. If this is the kind of fatigue someone is battling, celery juice is helpful because of its extremely antiviral nature. Sodium cluster salts travel through the body in search of viral toxins and even active viruses themselves, stripping viral membranes, in turn causing viral cells to slowly diminish and break down. At the same time, the cluster salts disarm free-floating neurotoxins that are saturating brain tissue and hindering or injuring neurons and neurotransmitter chemicals there. They also disarm neurotoxins that are saturating the heart, liver, pancreas, or even the lungs. By neutralizing these toxins on a daily basis with celery juice, people can gain back stamina over time. Combined with other antiviral measures, they can return to the energy levels they were used to having before—or even better.文章源自安疗网https://www.anliao.life/安疗网-https://www.anliao.life/6700.html

If someone’s fatigue is really and truly only adrenal fatigue from tired-out adrenal glands and they’re experiencing symptoms like being tired all day and then coming to life at night, or getting tired partway through the day and needing a small nap to keep going, celery juice provides the ultimate electrolytes and feeds the adrenal glands with sodium cluster salts that allow the adrenal glands to rebuild, rejuvenate, and restore themselves. As the adrenals strengthen, they tend to stabilize instead of cycling through overworking and under-working, and that helps bring someone back from adrenal fatigue. For more on the adrenals, see “Adrenal Complications.”文章源自安疗网https://www.anliao.life/安疗网-https://www.anliao.life/6700.html

Exercise fatigue is another type that celery juice can address. This is the result of someone overusing muscles and exhausting the nervous system, from whatever type of exercise that may be. Runners and other athletes can identify this feeling as “hitting a wall.” Some non-athletes who haven’t built up their strength and endurance may experience exercise fatigue after working out on a basic level for 10 minutes. Either way, celery juice is a miracle worker, reviving muscles better than anything else can. It also helps support nerves inside the muscles, feeding both the nerves and muscles with its cluster salts. Muscle cells receive these cluster salts like a baby receives mother’s milk, and the cluster salts help rid the muscles of lactic acid and toxins that have built up in them from everyday exposure. Bringing celery juice into your routine can allow for faster recovery and rebound time.文章源自安疗网https://www.anliao.life/安疗网-https://www.anliao.life/6700.html




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