西芹汁如何帮助孕期和母乳喂养 How Celery Juice Helps Pregnancy & Breastfeeding



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西芹汁在孕期和母乳喂养期都是非常安全的。 在怀孕期间,西芹汁有助于增强妈妈的肾上腺,这对婴儿至关重要,因为分娩需要大量的肾上腺素。强大的肾上腺帮助妈妈做好安全分娩的准备,肾上腺素是生育时“推动力”的原因,强大的肾上腺可以帮助缩短分娩时间。 西芹汁还富含维生素K、叶酸和维生素A等营养物质,这对婴儿的成长都非常关键。其所含的丰富抗氧化物有助于保护婴儿在子宫中的发育,使其具有抵抗毒素的能力,从而有助于预防早期疾病。西芹汁中的钠簇盐还可以帮助婴儿大脑的发育,提供关键的神经传递素化学物以支持这一关键阶段。 母乳喂养期间,妈妈坚持摄入西芹汁对婴儿具有高度滋养性。请不用担心西芹汁带来的排毒效应会导致母乳中有毒素。恰恰相反,女性的母乳通常在开始时会充满各种毒素,因为几乎所有人的肝脏一生都在接触汞和铝等有毒重金属、农药、除草剂、杀真菌剂、石油化工产品、化妆品、化学溶剂、染发剂、古龙水、香水等,导致肝脏变得停滞和不堪重负。当这些毒素在肝脏中积累时,会导致最终进入母乳。因此西芹汁强大的疗愈成分也会进入母乳中,从而帮助去除毒素的毒性,降低其破坏力,甚至有助于从母乳去除一些毒素。同时,西芹汁会让母乳变得更加纯净,为婴儿的大脑发育提供关键的钠簇盐、维生素、微量矿物质和其他营养物质,保障婴儿的健康。这是为什么西芹汁对孕期和母乳喂养都非常有帮助,甚至在受孕之前都很有帮助,因为这有助于解决不孕症的根本原因。 实际上,各种各样食物中的化学品(诸如柠檬酸)、包装食品中的天然香料、甜味剂阿斯巴甜、咖啡和茶中的咖啡因和茶因、传统荤食中的抗生素以及许多食品中添加的低品质有毒盐分,这些食品在怀孕期间或母乳喂养期间被摄入才是不安全的,而不是西芹汁。













Celery juice is very safe to consume during both pregnancy and breastfeeding. During pregnancy,it helps strengthen the mother’s adrenal glands,and that’s critical for helping the baby,as giving birth requires large supplies of adrenaline. Strong adrenals prepare a mother to deliver her baby safely—adrenaline is what creates the “push”—and can even lead to less time in labor.


Celery juice is also rich in nutrients such as vitamin K,folate,and vitamin A,all of which are important for babies’development. Its abundant antioxidants help protect babies’cells while they’re developing in the womb,arming them with the ability to fight off toxins to help prevent early illness. Celery juice’s sodium cluster salts also provide a developing baby’s brain with neurotransmitter chemicals to support this critical phase.


During breastfeeding,a mother’s consumption of celery juice is very nourishing for the baby. You don’t need to worry that the detox celery juice brings about will lead to toxins in the breast milk. Quite the opposite. A woman’s breast milk is usually filled with a variety of toxins to begin with,since so many people’s livers are sluggish,stagnant,and overburdened from a lifetime of “of exposure to toxic heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum,pesticides,herbicides,fungicides,petrochemicals,cosmetics,solvents,hair dye,colognes,perfumes,and more. When these troublemakers build up in the liver,they tend to end up in the breast milk. Now,when celery juice is on the scene,its powerful components also end up in the breast milk,and they defuse,disarm,and disable the toxins—neutralizing them so that they’re less destructive and even helping remove some of these toxins from the breast milk altogether. At the same time celery juice helps create clean breast milk,it provides its critical sodium cluster salts for the baby’s brain development as well as viable vitamins,trace minerals,and other nutrients to keep the baby healthy.


So celery juice is very supportive for both pregnancy and breastfeeding. (And as you read in Chapter 3,“Relief from Your Symptoms and Conditions,”it’s even helpful before conception,helping address the underlying causes of infertility.)What isn’t so safe is the host of different food chemicals such as citric acid and natural flavors in packaged foods,the aspartame in diet sodas,the caffeine in coffee and black tea,the antibiotics in some animal products “and harsh toxic salts that are added to so many foods,and yet these are often ingested while someone is pregnant or breastfeeding. The last thing you need to worry about is celery juice.




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