西芹汁如何帮助各类癌症 How Celery Juice Helps Cancer

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How Celery Juice Helps Cancer

Almost all cancers are caused by viruses. The very few cancers that are not viral are caused by toxic chemical agents or industrial chemicals all on their own. Asbestos is one example of a toxin creating cancer without a virus present. The majority of cancers have a viral component. Specifically,they’re caused by viruses feeding on toxins. Not that every time you have a virus and toxins present in your body,cancer will form. It takes particular mutated strains of certain viruses to create cancer,and they won’t go cancerous unless they have strong enough toxic fuel.

When particular aggressive strains of viruses feed on particular aggressive toxins,the viruses release toxic waste matter that is essentially that original toxin in a more poisonous form. The release of this waste matter poisons healthy cells over and over again. The healthy human cells then die off and provide more fuel for the virus. This cycle continues until cells mutate and turn into cancer cells—while the virus is also mutating to the point that its cells,too,can become cancer cells. This process can occur anywhere in the body,because viruses can travel anywhere in the body. So can toxins.

Celery juice is one of the most profound,preventative anti-cancer herbs or foods. As healthy as munching on a few sticks of celery a day can be,this is not the medicine that celery juice is. Celery juice in the recommended quantities you’ll find in the next chapter can do two things for someone who’s trying to prevent or cope with cancer. First,it can help remove the toxins that provide fuel for viruses. A few examples of these toxins are foreign hormones that enter from outside the body,toxic heavy metals,toxic medications,and toxic plastics and other petroleum products. Celery juice can bind onto,loosen,and help cast away these toxins from the liver and anywhere else in the body,lowering your toxic load and bettering your chances of preventing cancer. If you’re already struggling with cancer, celery juice offers the opportunity to slow it down and prevent future cancers by removing these same toxins and poisons. Second, celery juice is an antiviral. Its sodium cluster salts help destroy the aggressive viruses that like to consume toxins and excrete more-poisonous toxins—the process that denatures and damages cells to the point that they eventually become cancerous. By taking away viruses’ power, celery juice helps interrupt cancer from forming or spreading. So it’s a win on both sides: celery juice addresses toxins and viruses.

The vitamin C in celery juice is a powerful antioxidant that assimilates very easily and feeds cancer-killing cells inside the body. Celery juice’s plant hormones restore the endocrine system, keeping it from becoming overactive—which is helpful because a lot of fight-or-flight in the body can release a lot of fear-based adrenaline, another fuel for viral cancer cells.

Most people suffering from cancer are already working with compassionate, highly trained physicians and receiving natural treatments, conventional treatments, or both. Talk to your doctor about adding celery juice to whatever cancer protocol you’re already following. If you’re a cancer survivor, celery juice is a fantastic preventative for relapses “because it can gather up toxins and poisons that could be accumulating as fuel for viruses, and then it can send them out of the body.




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