健康陷阱(十五)- 酸碱性和pH测试 Health Traps (15) -Acidity&Alkalinity PH Test


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酸碱度已经成为一个流行健康概念。其理论是当人体呈酸性时(体内毒素较高时),这会助长病原体导致疾病是正确的,问题在于用pH试纸来测试(尿液或唾液测试条)却是错误的,因为这无法给出正确的读数。 这是因为第一,实际上我们对试纸结果的解读与真相恰恰相反,当一个人的尿液pH读数为酸性时,意味着这个人正在变得更碱性,因为当我们排毒并食用碱性的果汁和食物时,会排出酸性物质。而身体酸性的人会得到pH值升高(即碱性)的结果,因为当一个人身体酸性时,会排出钙等碱性矿物质。 第二点非常重要的是,我们身体内有不同的系统,这一点非常关键,诸如内分泌系统、消化系统、神经系统、淋巴系统和生殖系统。要知道每个系统的酸碱平衡都各自不同,因此pH值也各不相同。当一个人身体酸性较高,这会影响总体读数结果,你将无法知道到底是哪个身体系统处于酸性,以及酸性是否对于该系统是正常的。同时,我们有许多碱性的身体系统,但这些测试不可能告诉我们哪个是碱性。因此除了第一点要知道如何解读pH试纸之外,还必须了解它们无法给出任何具体信息。 关于pH值和牙齿健康:有些说法说口腔中酸性pH值会腐蚀牙齿,这是一个错误的理论。实际上口腔酸性是一个好兆头,这表明身体正在去除坏酸。使唾液读数呈酸性的那种酸是不会引起龋齿的。牙齿问题的真正原因始于肠道,胃酸含量过低(通常是由于不健康食品、药物和/或过量的情绪和压力激素即肾上腺素导致的)会导致食物无法被正常消化而在肠道中腐烂。当食物在消化系统中腐烂时,会释放出氨气,氨气会通过肠壁渗入人体的其他部位,最终进入牙齿,这是造成牙齿伤害的真正原因(氨气造成的问题不止牙齿)。同时咖啡等食物会磨损牙齿的釉质。















Acidity and alkalinity have become a popular concept in health. It’s based on a sound concept: when the body is acidic,it contributes to illness by feeding pathogens. However,the common method of testing for pH—test strips for urine or saliva—leads people astray. It’s near impossible to get an accurate reading from a pH test strip.


For one thing,the results of test strips mean the opposite of what everyone thinks they do. When a person’s urine gets an acidic pH reading,it means she or he is becoming more alkaline—because when you’re detoxing and consuming alkaline juice and foods,you expel acids. People who are acidic,on the other hand,will get readings of elevated pH (that is,alkalinity),because when you’re acidic internally,you excrete alkaline minerals such as calcium. So pH strips can be handy—if you flip the meaning of the results.


I“It’s important to keep in mind,though,that we have different body systems. To name a few,there are the endocrine,digestive,nervous,lymphatic,and reproductive systems. Each one has a different acid-alkaline balance,and therefore a different pH. When one is more acidic,it can influence the overall test reading. Except then you have no way of knowing which body system is acidic,and if that acidity is a problem. Meanwhile,you could have plenty of body systems that are alkaline,and again,not know which ones. So along with not taking pH tests at face value,you have to understand that they’re nonspecific.


A note on pH and dental health: You’ll hear from some sources that an acidic pH in the mouth rots the teeth. This is a mistaken theory. In fact,acidity in the mouth is a good sign,as it indicates that your body is cleansing itself of acid. The sort of acid that makes saliva readings acidic does not cause dental decay. The true cause of teeth problems starts in the gut,where low hydrochloric acid levels (usually due to unproductive foods,pharmaceuticals,and/or excess adrenaline)contribute to putrefaction of food. When food sits rotting in the digestive system,it gives off ammonia gas,which seeps out through the intestinal lining and into other areas of the body. One of the places that the ammonia can end up is in the teeth. External acids such as coffee may wear down dental enamel;however,ammonia seeps into pores of the teeth and causes the real damage. (Not to be confused with the mistaken theory of leaky gut,this concept is called ammonia permeability,and it can cause other problems as well.




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