威胁健康的食物(六)- 玉米及其制品 Health-Damaging Foods (VI)-Corn

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Health-Damaging Foods (VI) - Corn and Corn Products

In the early days, corn was our friend. It was a healthy, amazing source of nourishment for us. Then in the late 1930s and 1940s, use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides on corn crops grew at an alarming rate. These sorts of chemical solutions are fuel for EB virus (which is behind so many chronic illness including cancer today), when people ate this corn that was laden with toxic substances such as DDT, it started to feed EB virus. As corn continued to get treated with enormous amounts of these chemicals, EB virus started to identify corn itself with these toxins, because they were together all the time.

This continued through the decades, with conventionally grown corn feeding EB virus. And then GMO corn arrived, corn’s DNA has been altered in a way that suited viruses, it now has the ability to feed all kinds of pathogens that contribute to our modern day epidemic of chronic illness. At this point, unfortunately even organic corn grown from non GMO seeds is likely contaminated and can still trigger health condition.

Corn products and by products create substantial inflammation. It’s a food that can feed virus, bacteria, mold and fungus. Even if you see corn advertised as being non GMO, the chances are high that it can still trigger any kind of health condition. And that it may still be GMO.

Try to avoid all corn and all products that have corn as ingredient. These include food such as corn chips. Taco shells, popcorn, corn cereal, and anything that clearly incorporates corn syrup or corn oil. They also include less obvious products, such as soda, gum, high fructose corn syrup, toothpaste, gluten free foods that use corn in place of wheat. Try to read ingredients labels carefully and do the best you can.

You don’t need to fear corn. Just be cautions and consider where you are with your symptoms and conditions when corn and dishes made with corn oil, cornmeal and the like are offered to you. As much as you can, avoid corn in its various forms, always saying no to conventional corn and skipping sneaky ingredients such as citric acid, high fructose corn syrup and grain alcohol ( a common preservative in herbal tinctures). If you eat corn, make sure that the corn you choose is organic and preferably to be an heirloom variety – although unfortunately neither of these is a guarantee that the corn hasn’t been GMO contaminated. Continue to keep limits on how much corn you consume.

Staying away from corn products and by products can be a lot of work. For the sake of your health, its worth the effort of cutting out corn the rest of the time. 愿天下人健康、平安、健康。

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