威胁健康的食物(五)- 小麦和麸质 Health-Damaging Foods (V) – Wheat and Gluten


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Health-Damaging Foods (V) - Wheat and Gluten


Many people feel a difference when they take wheat out of the diet,alleviation of specific symptoms as well as a general increase in well-being. That’s because again wheat is one of those foods that’s changed in usefulnesss over the years. What was once a staple of survival has altered since the 1950s due to human intervention. Recent tinkering especially has made wheat a highly inflammatory food,because it feeds pathogens in the body. Its not just gluten that makes wheat a problem for so many people,there’re other compounds in it too ,that gives fuel to pathogens,which in turn gives rise to all types of symptoms. The reason to avoid gluten is not because gluten contains mycotoxins or is simply an inflammatory food,like theories out there say. Rather its because gluten fuels pathogens,when its gluten from GMO wheat,its even worse. Pathogens have a feeding frenzy after we consume gluten,giving off its waste product of neurotoxins in the process and setting off symptoms such as tingles and numbness, headaches, migraines, fatigue, brain fog, blurry eyes, aches and pains, and mood swings.


If you can eat wheat and feel fine,the changes are that you’re free from the various viruses (and sometimes bacteria)that disrupt the body and causes the illnesses so often labeled as autoimmune disease etc. if you have health troubles,avoid wheat until your conditions improves.


Gluten is protein found in many grains. The forms of gluten to which people are especially sensitive are in wheat,barley,rye and spelt (a type of wheat). When it comes to oats,be aware that growing and processing sometimes cross-contaminates them with grains that contain gluten.  Look for those that are labeled gluten free. Grains that contain gluten also contain multiple allergens and proteins that can trigger any condition. They create disruption and inflammation,especially in your intestinal tract and bowels. They also confuse you immune system,which is your primary defense against disease,and often trigger celiac disease,Crohn’s and colitis. Gluten free staple foods are rice,millet and quinoa.


Luckily people are catching on that gluten is problematic food for those with chronic health issues. Many more gluten free products and recipes are available today than just a few years ago,and it’s no longer so isolating to say that you’re passing on wheat. The reason gluten is coming off menus and ingredients list is not because what’s wrong with it is widely understood though. Rather it’s been process of elimination that’s shown many doctors and patients that life without wheat in the diet can signify improve one’s health.


Eating these grains makes it very difficult for your body to heal. If you’d like to recover from your illness as quickly as possible,minimize grains of any kind.愿天下人健康、平安、健康。


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