威胁健康的食物(七)- 味精和天然香料 Health-Damaging Food(7) – MSG,Natural Flavor


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Health-Damaging Foods (VII) - MSG and Natural Flavoring


Monosodium glutamate MSG is a food additive that’s used in tens of thousands of products and restaurants dishes. MSG is a salt that occurs naturally in glutamic acid (a non essential amino acid),here’s nothing natural about the extreme damage it can do to you.


MSG typically builds up in your brain, going deep into your brain tissue. It can then cause inflammation and swelling, kill thousands of your brain cells, disrupt electrical impulses, weaken neurotransmitters, burn out neurons, make you feel confused and anxious, and even lead to microstrokes. It also weakens and injures your central nervous system.


MSG is especially harmful if you have an illness that involves your brain or central nervous system. however there are no circumstances under which it’s good for you. As a result, this is an additive you should always avoid.


Because MSG is include in countless products, it’s essential to read food labels carefully. Its also important to know what to look for. MSG is often hidden on labels because of its deservedly bad reputation. The following terms usually mean that MSG is an ingredient: glutamate, hydrolyzed. autolyzed, protease, carrageenan, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, balsamic vinegar, barley malt., malt extract, yeast extract, brewer’s yeast, corn starch, wheat starch, modified food starch, gelatin, textured protein, whey protein, soy protein, soy sauce, broth, bouillon, stock, and seasoning.


Any ingredient with a name like natural flavoring is hidden SG. Natural cherry flavor, natural orange flavor, natural lemon flavor, natural fruit flavor. they are not just fruit extracts, and they are not your friends. The same goes for smoke flavor, turkey flavor, beef flavor, natural peppermint flavor, natural maple flavor, natural chocolate flavor, natural vanilla flavor, and all their natural and flavorful cousins. Although pure vanilla extract is safe to use.


Each type of natural flavor potentially contains multiple biohazards and chemical compounds. Natural flavoring has slipped under the radar and been allowed into thousands of health food store products that are advertised as good, safe, and healthy for you and your children.


Mom, take heed. Natural flavors are one of the newest and stealthiest now you see it now you don’t tricks for hiding MSG. take care reading labels so you and your family can avoid this hidden ingredients.


These MSG are neurotoxins that build up in the brain and destroys neurons and glial cells. MSG is incredibly detrimental to the central nervous system and can wreak havoc on your life.


Its becoming a trend for these so called natural flavorings to be added to even the purest organic packaged food, as well as herbal teas and nutritional supplements. If you want to avoid illness, be very discerning with food labels. 愿天下人健康、平安、健康。


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