疗愈故事(25)乳房肿块的消失 Healing Stories (25) A Lump in the Breast


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疗愈故事(25)乳房肿块的消失 Healing Stories (25) A Lump in the Breast

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从@organic_faith_转发 我想分享疗愈过程中的另一个成功。这是一个很好的提醒,通常在表面之下发生的疗愈比我们想象的要多得多。 大约11年前,我的乳房出现了一个肿块。我感觉非常恐怖,一直对此心怀恐惧。我那时很年轻,看起来很健康,我对此感到震惊。 幸运的是经过身体检查和超声波检查后,医学界告诉我肿块与癌症无关。 这个肿块继续存在了很多年,即使被医生告知没什么好担心的,但我心底总有个声音让我感到不舒服,因为我体内有这样的东西。 在我上次体检时,肿块依然存在,医生再次说,这没有任何问题。在我通过安东尼威廉的信息了解了癌症、囊肿、病毒和毒素的真相后,我知道情况可能会改变。 从那时起,我认真执行了安东尼威廉提供的疗愈信息,进行了拯救肝脏369净化疗愈法,净化淋巴系统,用油涂抹乳房,每天都喝白桦茸(chaga mushroom),无论过程中经历什么样的排毒反应,我都相信我的身体都可以疗愈,脑海中不再去想乳房肿块。 很高兴与你分享我的乳房肿块消失了!在这么多年以后再也找不到了! 对我来说,这是非常重要的一课,让我坚守自己的生活方式,并知道即使我的每一个症状都消失了,身体依然在疗愈我所看不见的东西! 我对此非常感恩,并希望我的故事能激发你信任疗愈之路。 我们的身体是一台出色而具有深度的机器,可以持续爱我们并为我们全天候工作!

为每天促进内在健康的所有选择加油,为安东尼威廉加油。 感恩x 1,000,000,000???????????????








Repost from @organic_faith_

I wanted to share another success I had in my healing. It’s a good reminder that often there’s a lot more going on below the surface than we even realize.

About 11 years ago I had a scare with a lump in my breast. It felt very scary and I was a bit traumatizing energetically to experience the fear that accompanied the situation.

I was young. I looked healthy. I was blown away.

Luckily, after physical exams and ultrasounds, the medical world told me that my lump wasn’t of a concern for cancer.

The lump remained for many years and even though it was diagnosed as nothing to worry about, I had a tiny voice that made me feel uncomfortable knowing anything like that was anywhere in my body but especially my breast.

My last annual exam, we acknowledged it’s presence and my doctor again said it didn’t feel like anything of concern to her. I still wasn’t comfortable with the idea that it was there knowing what I know about cancer, cysts, viruses, and toxins (thanks to @medicalmedium). I still knew things could change.

Since then, I’ve been diligent on my @medicalmedium protocol and have done the 369 cleanse several times. I’ve moved my lymphatic system more, anointed my breasts with oils and trusted that my body was healing regardless of dips or flares. I have been drinking chaga daily and also shaking things up on my healing path...not even with my breast lump in mind.

I’m so happy to share with you that my lump is gone! I can not locate it which was not the case for many years!

This is such a valuable lesson for me to stand in my faith of my lifestyle and to know that even when I think every last symptom should be gone, that my body is still healing things I don’t see or even know about!

I’m so grateful for this testament and am hopeful that it inspires you to trust the healing path.

Your body is a brilliant and profound machine made to be constantly loving you and working around the clock for you!Cheers to all the choices everyday that promote internal wellness and to Anthony William.

Gratitude x 1,000,000,000 ???????????????



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