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嗨,我和我母亲一样是一名注册护士。大约 15 年前,我认识了一位自然疗法医生。一年来,我进行了多次测试,一次就诊被诊断出患有 17 种自身免疫性疾病,随着时间的推移,我的诊断出的病名也越来越多。文章源自安疗网https://www.anliao.life/安疗网-https://www.anliao.life/8321.html

这里有一段历史,从前我的祖母不得不进行双乳根治术,我的姑姑也患有乳腺癌,我心爱的母亲因乳腺癌去世了。大约 10 年前,我也患上了乳腺癌,有人推荐我了解安东尼威廉的健康疗法。那时安东尼还没有写过任何书,也没有做网络直播,但当时他正在参加脱口秀,并在做工作坊。


就在那时,我开始了解安东尼疗法。我开始跟随他,彻底改变我的饮食,立即去除伤害身体的食物。我开始了 28 天的净化排毒法,并开始服用基础补充剂,如 B12、锌、银纯露Sovereign Silver、维生素 C 和 L-赖氨酸

我每 3 个月需要做一次乳房 X 光检查,我知道这些不是安东尼推荐的,但在我作为护士的医学教育和我开始学习安东尼疗法之间有点矛盾纠结。后来我第一次3 个月的乳房 X 光检查时间到了。他们拍了照片,让我等……技术人员来了,让我不要穿衣服,他们需要再拍几张照片……

我当时立马认为癌症已经扩散了,我需要再次手术.他们重复看了这些照片,我再次被要求等待。技术人员回来并让我跟着她,因为医生想见我。他非常有礼貌,并道歉,因为他们认为他们的机器有问题,所以他们重复进行了乳房 X 光检查。他继续解释说,所有的癌前组织都消失了……“这从未发生过”。他和我一样感到非常惊讶,但那一天我从所谓的基于科学的医学转向了安东尼疗法的生活方式。




Hi, I am an RN like my mother before me. About 15 years ago, I was seeing a naturopath. I had multiple testing over the year and was diagnosed with 17 autoimmune diseases on one visit, and more as time passed. A little bit of history here, My Grandmother had to have a double radical mastectomy, My aunt also had breast cancer, and my beloved mother passed with breast cancer. Well, I developed breast cancer and was guided to Anthony William about 10 years ago. He had not written any books, was not doing internet lives, but he was on talk shows, and doing workshops at the time.

I had to have biopsies and had two partial mastectomies, but the doctors couldn't reach all the pre-cancerous tissue so only removed the tumors. I asked my oncologist to remove the breast, but up here where I live, she said she could not do that while there was healthy tissue. (seriously?) It is then that I was guided to MM.

I started to follow him, changing my eating drastically, immediately removing the "NO" foods. I even did the 28 day cleanse to start and started taking base supplements such as B12, Zinc, Silver Hydrosol, Ester C and L-Lysine. The protocol up here is to have repeat Mammograms every 3 months. I know these are not recommended, but struggled between my medical education as a nurse and my starting to learn MM. My first 3 month mammogram arrived. They took the pictures, and asked me to wait....the technician came and asked me not to dress, they needed to take some more pictures......I immediately assumed the cancer had progressed and I would need another surgery. They repeated the pictures and again I was asked to wait. The tech came back and asked me to follow her as the doctor wanted to see me. He was very polite, and apologized as they had taken repeat mammogram because they thought there was something wrong with their machine. He continued to explain that all the pre-cancerous tissue had disappeared....."that never happens". He was so surprised, as was I, but that was the day I switched from so called science based medicine to a Medial Medium way of life.

Since then, I have been free and clear (8 years now), and have also reversed Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic sinusitis, Chronic Nose Bleeds, Anemia, Migraines etc. I am not completely healed, but I am Healing everyday....

Keep up the great work everyone....you can do this....you are so worth it! YOU CAN HEAL!

GOD BLESS! Karen Churchill----脸书小组Medical Medium Success Stories



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