孩子们需要经常吃东西才能感觉良好,并做出正确的选择。我已经看到这个很多年了。这是我从很久以来从带娃身上学到的东西. 您想象不到一个在过去两个小时内没有吃东西的孩子,会成为该死的噩梦。如果他们不经常吃东西,他们实际上在生理上是不可能正常运作或愉快的。







疗愈肾上腺疲劳的16种小食 16 Snacks for Adrenal Fatigue


Be diligent about making sure your child gets glucose (fruit, raw honey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash) in at least every two hours (more often is awesome) and you will be amazed at how every single thing gets better: their mood, their sleep, their energy, their appetite, their health, their attitude, every damn thing. Even better if you can pair glucose with some mineral salts (cucumber, celery, leafy greens).

Kids need to eat often in order to feel good and make good choices. I’ve seen this for years. It’s something I learned from the babies I was raising long before finding @medicalmedium. You simply cannot reasonably expect a child who hasn’t eaten in the last two hours to be anything other than a goddamn nightmare. If they’re not eating frequently, it’s actually physiologically impossible for them to function properly or be pleasant.

I also noticed that kids are typically very drawn to carbs. When I first started studying functional nutrition and using food as medicine prior to MM, I kept trying to figure out why this is. No one could answer my question — all I got was that we need to eat protein and/or fat at every meal.

I wanted to know: if we do indeed need so much protein, why are kids carboholics? Why, if left to their own devices, will children graze on fruit all day long and why should we train them out of that?

Medical Medium information finally helped me understand and gave me language to explain it.

Our brains and bodies run on glucose. Kids intuitively know what their bodies need.

Children’s brains and bodies are growing and developing at an alarming rate and they require an obscene amount of glucose to thrive. If your child is struggling with any sort of health issues, they require even more. Mineral salts are critical for the neurological system so adding those in with glucose is essential for optimal brain development and cognitive function.

Yes, try to get some glucose in them even if they aren’t hungry. Lighter juicy fruits are great for this - things like clementines, grapes, and strawberries - or even a spoonful (or several) of raw honey or maple syrup.


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