疗愈故事(36)- 绝地重生 Healing Stories(36) – Rising Out of Ashes



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转贴@holisti_klee 左图:还能活6个月,肺功能衰竭、硬皮症(30岁)右图:活着,正在疗愈自己(32岁)最好的生日礼物 让自己发光。发挥自己的力量。听从你的直觉。让自己感觉好。对自己表现出同情心,并让自己充满同情心。 ? 信任过程? 坚持? 臣服,做你自己 我做到了所有的不可能。 许多医生告诉我的都是限制性想法,这些变成了我对自己的个人对话: “我的身体在自我攻击” “您这样的病症无法生孩子,你孩子可能无法存活过孕期” “您必须习惯这种生病的生活,这是你的命“ “不要把钱浪费在补充剂上,它们帮不了你” 我感到羞愧,我隐藏我罹患疾病的身体14年,没有任何真正的答案,只有药物掩盖症状,但在此过程中造成了太多伤害。 就在我2019年6月与我的风湿病医生见面之前,我已经准备好放弃,等待死亡了。作为妻子、女儿、姐姐、朋友,我觉得自己愧对他们,特别是作为母亲的角色,对我1岁的孩子。 我当时非常虚弱,我的手和手臂都无法正常运作,所以我无法抱我的孩子,甚至无法替他扣上睡衣的纽扣。 我丈夫一直在照顾所有的事情,包括帮我穿衣服。 我记得有一天晚上,醒着躺在床上,问自己“就这样了吗?”我整天都在挣扎,倒计时,尽我所能,麻痹自己的痛苦来应付,失去了我珍视但无法保留的朋友的联系。 我的灵魂受到了伤害,我感到自己只剩下了外壳。 当我开始阅读第一本安东尼威廉的书时,我开始哭泣,因为他提供的信息完全就描述了医生无法解释的我的神秘痛苦。我终于找到了答案。我花了一年半的时间来实践这些信息,因为这些拯救生命的信息,我还活着。 我一直在传播他的信息,因为这真的有用。结果说明了一切,我就像这个疗愈社区中成千上万的其他正在疗愈的人一样。 您也可以疗愈!







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Shine your light. Step into your own power. Listen to your gut feelings. Milk all the good feels. Show compassion for yourself and allow for that to overflow to all the other humans in your life.

?Trust in the process?Show up?Surrender And just be YOU

I have beat all odds against me.

Many Doctors have helped create limiting beliefs with their commentary that later became my personal dialogue to myself.

“My body is attacking itself”

“You cant have kids with your disease, you and the baby probably wouldn’t make it through pregnancy”

“You have to get used to being sick for this is the cards you were dealt”

“You’re wasting your money on supplements they won’t help you like you think they will”

I stood in shame and hid my disabled physical body for 14 years of my life with no real answers only RX’s that masked symptoms but created far too many more along the way.

Right before my June 2019 appointment with my Rheumatologist (prognosis apt) there was a point where I was ready to give up and die. I felt inadequate as a wife, daughter, sister, friend but most of all a mother to my child who was 1 year old at the time.

I wasn’t able to lift him properly or even button his nighty because I was weak and I was losing function in both my hands and arms.

My husband was taking care of most things around the house to include helping me dress.

I remember laying in bed at night wide awake, asking myself “is this all there is?” I struggled all day, counting down the hours, going through all the motions to the best of my ability, numbing my pain to cope, losing contact with friends who I valued but I just couldn’t keep up.

My soul hurt and I felt like a shell of a human.

The moment I started reading my first MM book, I started crying bc the information he provided literally described my mystery suffering that doctors could never explain. I finally had answers. I have spent the last year and a half applying this information and I’m alive bc of it.

I have dedicated my life to teaching his information bc you guys, IT WORKS. Results are everything and I have them just like hundreds of thousands of other people in this community.





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