疗愈故事(16)满脸雀斑的消失 Healing Stories (16) Disappearance of Freckles



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大家都喜欢外表对比的照片,实际上我身体内部发生的变化是最神奇的!! 在外表上,左边过去的照片我还涂了古铜色腮红(bronzer)以遮掩,右边现在的照片只涂了一点腮红和睫毛膏。 当我接近40岁时,慢性病症持续在发生:脑雾、疲劳、雷诺综合症、可怕的便秘、腹胀(气)、不安腿综合症、耳鸣、上皮癌、手脚冰冷、眼睛飞蚊症、脱发、头发质地的改变、情绪波动、不正常的月经周期、蛀牙、不明原因的体重增加、心悸、脂肪团(橘皮组织)、焦虑、记忆力减退、听力下降、皮肤干燥开裂、脚指甲真菌、持续饥饿感,以上只是我经历的症状的一部分。我没有服用任何药物(虽然成年后断断续续服用了8年Adderall),我吃的是我认为健康的食物,但症状持续在恶化。 大约在同一时间,我儿子被诊断出患有严重的注意力不集中多动症,而我的丈夫,在25岁时被诊断出有溃疡性结肠炎,又再次发作住进了约翰霍普金斯医院。我丈夫每年都会在约翰霍普金斯医院至少呆上一周,他同时还有许多症状包括湿疹、严重的背痛、足底筋膜炎、不安腿综合症、睡眠问题、糖尿病前期等。直到我读了安东尼·威廉的书《慢性和神秘疾病背后的原因以及如何疗愈》,我的人生之路才开始变得如此清晰。 两年后, 我们的儿子在没有摄入任何药物的情况下,完全摆脱了多动症,而且成绩从学校里最差的那个需要许多额外支持的组,进入了学校里排名第一的阅读组和排名第二的数学组,而我的丈夫则完全摆脱了他所有的结肠炎药物! 从开始疗愈的这两年半以来,我已经疗愈了我所有的症状!! 更重要的是,我终于发现了自己灵魂的激情- 帮助别人了解他们慢性病症的根源,以及如何自然疗愈!

Repost from@sallyridgelythompsonPeople always like a good visual,but the changes that have happened within my body are the most miraculous!! The pic on the left I’m even wearing bronzer,the pic on the right only a little blush and mascara.


As I approached my 40’s,the list of chronic symptoms I had was continuing to grow…major brain fog,fatigue,Raynaud’s Syndrome,horrible constipation,bloating,restless leg syndrome,occasional ringing in the ears (tinnitus),carcinoma,cold hands and feet,eye floaters,hair loss,change in hair texture,breaking out,bad menstrual cycle,cavities,unexplained weight gain,heart palpitations,cellulite,anxiety,memory loss,hearing loss,cracks in skin,dry cracking heels,toenail fungus,and constant hunger – to name a few. I was not on any kind of medication (though I had been on Adderall off and on for about 8 years in my adult life)and I was eating what I considered to be relatively healthily,but my symptoms continued to get worse.


About the same time,my son was diagnosed with severe ADHD and my husband,who had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at age 25,was yet again in John’s Hopkins Hospital for a flare up. My husband would end up in John’s Hopkins for at least a week every year with a terrible flare up (he had many other symptoms as well,including eczema,severe back pain,plantars fasciitis,restless leg syndrome,sleep issues,and pre-diabetes…to name a few). It wasn’t until I was given the book “Medical Medium,Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal”by Anthony William,that the dots began to connect and my path became very clear.


Fast forward two years,our son,without any medication,is free of ADHD and went from being in all the lowest groups at school needing a lot of extra support,to being in the highest reading and second highest math groups and my husband is off ALL of his colitis medication!


Two and a half years from when my journey began,I have healed every single symptom I had!! And,most importantly,I have found my souls true passion – to help others learn the root cause of their chronic symptoms and how to finally heal naturally. #medicalmedium




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