疗愈故事(7)-自闭症 Healing Stories (7)-Autism healing update


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疗愈故事(7)-自闭症 Healing Stories (7)-Autism healing update

















这一切都要感谢安东尼威廉和高灵的重金属排毒果昔、西芹汁以及不要摄入食物(诸如各种乳制品小麦制品和其他含麸质谷物芥花油(canola oil)鱼油、玉米)的建议。我们非常感谢安东尼威廉给我们家庭带来的神奇改变,我们读了他的书并尝试了其中的内容,以上就是结果。他的书和疗愈信息非常神奇,希望每个人都能阅读并实践。





关于重金属更多信息,请见“健康的隐形杀手 - 重金属”以及“重金属排毒果昔”。




Repost from @medicalmediummommy Autism Healing update ??


“it’s okay to feel sad sometimes, little by little you’ll feel better again” This is one of the many songs Nicholas sings now?


We have been moving and I have been wanting to write this update for a while but when I came home from the store today Nicholas greeted me at the door with a “mom kiss” and then kissed me and I thought, dear Lord I need to share these miracles that are happening!


His words are crazy, he asks “what’s that” all the time and every day he learns tons of words. His sentences are coming along. He sings. He is no longer freaked out by the shower and asks to be sprayed in the face? He has started seriously making progress on potty training? His coordination is improving and he is more steady and confident.


He is sooooo affectionate “mommy snuggles” He often gives me hugs and says “I love you mom” ??He wants to play together all the time, like interactive play is all he really wants now. We play dolly and he is so sweet with the “baby” and teaches the baby words and shares toys. He has so much more energy!


He is so in love with his grandparents and talks about them and is so excited to spend time with them. Hard to believe he is the same kid who used to say “bye bye” over and over and give them their shoes so they would leave. With all these amazing changes he is also exhibited lots of will. He can finally tell us what he wants and he gets really upset when he communicates it to us and we say no. Another thing he does is shares his emotions “I’m sad” “I’m excited go to cottage” “I’m mad” ... He has started being interested in books that have a story and aren’t just lists of stuff.


The other day he walked into the kitchen and said “smells good” that was the first time he has talked about smells. I mean it’s been such an incredible summer.


This is all thanks to the @medicalmedium his Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie, Celery Juice and advice on what foods to stay away from. We are SO GRATEFUL to Anthony and Spirit and the Angels for getting us to this place??? We read his books and gave it a try and this is the result. His books are miraculous, may everyone find them?? #medicalmedium愿天下人平安、健康、喜乐。

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