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My husband has been taking care of me entirely, all my meals made and brought to me since Jan 2020. 97% of my days have consisted of being in bed all day and just leaving my room to use the bathroom, or occasionally the kitchen to grab premade food from the fridge. My extreme chronic fatigue has been incredibly debilitating. Previously to the last few months I would have not been able to write this, let alone surf the web, or even look at screens at all besides checking phone for time or see who is calling me without getting extremely fatigued.

On 12/26/21 will be my 3rd month of following medical medium diet with only doing celery juice the first month but not everyday and haven't been doing it since due to too much effort and time for my husband to do. I will tell you medical medium diet works!!!

In Jan 2020 I had my second concussion, 1st neurologist said I should be fully healed by the end of summer late September 2020. I was vegan since 11/11/14 going from eating very processed vegan foods to over the years progressively eating more healthy. By Jan 2020 when I got injured I was eating a lot of whole foods but with oil and vegan butter. An example of my meals on a work day before I got the 2nd concussion:



  • Quick oat oatmeal
  • Lots of strawberries
  • Cane sugar
  • Almond butter (1 ingredient)
  • Almond milk
  • Sliced almonds
  • So Delicious coconut yogurt unsweetened plain



  • Chopped pineapple or strawberries but oftentimes no lunch.


Dinner (Biggest meal of day):

  • 10oz of cooked frozen spinach with vegan butter
  • 1 to 2 cans of air fried chickpeas with spices and olive oil
  • Lots of mashed sweet potato with vegan butter and soy milk
  • Brown rice


Examples of foods I was having on my days off:


Breakfast or Lunch:

  • Mixed fruit smoothies with banana and dates
  • Oatmeal as listed before
  • Plain fruit


Lunch or Dinner:

Whatever cool thing I wanted to make such as:

  • Red sauce or other sauce pasta
  • Vegan pizza
  • Vegan mac and cheese
  • Burgers and fries
  • Stir fry
  • Whatever thing inspired me
  • All the different foods I made while apprenticing at the local restaurant


I was a clothing store assistant manager and oftentimes didn't take the 30 minute unpaid lunch break because if I did it would usually mean I would end up staying 30 minutes extra to clean the store at night, as I wouldn't want to leave the store unclean for morning staff. That and usually the best time for break before start cleaning time was also in the busiest time of the day for customers, so I would go on break but then get interrupted if associates needed help, or some associates weren't as good at selling so my numbers would suffer. (Managers are responsible for making the store a certain amount of sales each 2 hours, conversion rate, average sale amount, units per transaction, loyalty sign ups, etc).


I was also learning from a local restaurant on my days off as my dream at the time was to someday open a vegan comfort food restaurant (not WFPB, but not artificial ingredients either). I would make experimental vegan things there on my days off, and one time had a pop up vegan night featuring a strawberry milkshake made of soy ice cream and soy milk, a veggie cheeseburger made with TVP, mushrooms, and Chao cheese for the "patty" and "cheese", and thrice cooked fries. I was very busy in my life during this time.


The aforementioned strawberry milkshake from the pop up vegan night. Real strawberry syrup. Cherry is naturally colored with beet. Vegan store bought whip cream.


When I got concussed however I had an EXTREMELY difficult time eating. I also lost my appetite completely for like 3 weeks, food seemed repulsive, I would have diarrhea, it was very difficult to eat, I had to eat many small meals a day because it was too much for my brain to eat a lot at once. I had quinoa and mashed avocado mostly because that was the only thing that didn't absolutely repulse me and was easy enough to scoop with lots of calories due to avocado.


I later on in the next few weeks began including the air fried chickpeas with oil again and the oatmeal but with mashed banana instead of cane sugar. I had mashed sweet potatoes as well, until the start of April when the sweet potatoes started to suck, very starchy, not creamy like fall ones and tasted awful.


I started incorporating a mid-day meal of brown rice, little leaf lettuce, and avocado with brown lentils, then on 3/28/2020 at around 12-1am I had my first panic attack, or at least the first recognized one. After eating I would get anxiety and have to use the bathroom (#2) and my heart would race, felt very sick and lightheaded like I was going to faint, went to lay back down on bed after bathroom, used gloves to use bathroom because I couldn't handle washing my hands. I had my husband call 911 because I thought I was dying. Heart super duper racing, felt like I couldn't get enough air, hands curling up, felt like I was going to pass out, extremely tense, hyperventilating, couldn't really talk.


This was right when covid started and everyone was all super precautious, I think the 14 day lock down was during this time but not too sure. My husband and I were concerned because it felt like it was taking the ambulance forever to get here. They probably super cleaned the ambulance between each person and it was Friday into Saturday morning so maybe more trouble? So that's probably why.


The ambulance people finally get here and they're all super precautious and less eager to come inside our house, my husband told me later. They come inside and one of the paramedics tries to talk to me and tries getting me to talk asking all these basic personal questions like name, birthday, etc. He tells me he believes I'm having a panic attack as he recognizes my curled up hands and tense body position, and continues to tell me how to breathe to calm down my heart some.


They tell me they can bring me to the hospital, but my husband isn't allowed with me due to covid restrictions. I thought a hospital visit would do no good since it was a panic attack and not me actually dying. I didn't think the hospital could do anything for me and I would just spend time there not good and extremely fatigued. The hospital probably wouldn't  have a good vegan food option that would work with my food sensitivities and brain function to eat certain foods. I thought they wouldn't understand my extreme fatigue/post concussion issues as several walk in visits post concussion resulted in no real help, and feeling misunderstood. Also with Covid I used to be scared back then and I didn't want to catch it by going to the hospital with a bunch of sick people in the ER. I thought they wouldn't be able to help me and it would just be a waste. At this time I also no longer had health insurance, so that's a thing.


I said no to going to the hospital.


One of the paramedics suggested I watch TV to get my mind off it and relax and I had to remind them that I have post concussion syndrome and that I can not look at screens, let alone watch TV. They said that if I feel like I need to go to the hospital again, we can call 911 again and they'll be back, even if it was 5 minutes from now. They seemed really nice and sincere about it. Then the paramedics left. For the rest of the night I continued trying to not have another panic attack, I was extremely stressed, couldn't sleep for a very long time, and once I did it was light and broken sleep. I wanted my husband to stay awake with me to comfort me so I wouldn't have another panic attack but he was too drained to stay awake with me and slept while I tried not to have another panic attack.


The following few days I was extremely fatigued and had real difficulty eating. This unfortunately also when the sweet potatoes started getting inedible-y bad so I was also very hungry over the next few days. Once I realized the sweet potatoes kept on being gross I started having mashed potatoes with soy milk and vegan butter instead of sweet potato.


My husband later told me that that night he was like what if my wife is dying and they are taking so long to get here?!


I would continue to get anxiety and panic attacks not super often but not super rare during the spring and summer. Only after eating meals, and even though some were very scary and hard to manage, it was at least peace of mind that I wasn't actually dying. Even if I had diarrhea, lightheadedness like I was going to faint, and heart racing, I could usually calm myself down. But doing the breathing technique to stop panic attacks often made my heart race more, so I had to breathe differently than taught.


Around May 2020 I was having a green smoothie to start everyday with 4 oz kale and 3oz spinach with a lot of mango and some banana. Sometimes I would switch it up and have a wild blueberry banana mango smoothie or a strawberry banana smoothie. I continued to have smoothies all spring and summer.


In Early June I officially went whole food plant based, no oil or added sugar, and started getting more better.


About 6/10/20 to 6/24/20 was when I was doing my best during this whole time now since Jan 2020. I was able to go outside for periods at a time, sitting in a chair for a while before I would need to go inside. I was able to make a smoothie for myself and clean the blender sometimes. I even got to the point of being able to take English muffins (Ezekiel sprouted whole wheat cinnamon raisin kind) out of the fridge and toast them myself, and spread cultured cashew cheese that my husband would make with some of my help and guidance. My husband would chop me strawberries and Ataulfo mangos (My favorite fruit!) to have on top. In June along with the English muffins I also started eating Ezekiel sprouted wheat sandwiches everyday since my brain could handle eating them at this point and I thought it would be a great way to get more veggies in. Bread, pinto bean hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber... you get the point. Before June I wasn't really eating much gluten if at all during the post concussion point due to my brain having an extremely hard time when eating and I would only eat things that were easily scoopable with a spoon, such as oatmeal, mashed potatoes, etc.


I started getting excited about my healing and was doing more and more. My husband would read a book to me every night that we had got recently at the time called Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein. It's a book about Law of Attraction and even though we were already aware of the concept my husband reading it to me was helpful for both of us.


I started being in the kitchen more while he cooked so I can be a guide while he makes food for us. I was able to check my phone a little bit for the weather app or gmail for bits at a time where as previously I wasn't.


My husband would garden outside and I would enjoy the sun rays and watch from my yellow chair in the yard. I started feeling comfortable going outside on my own in our yard without my husband's escort.


On 6/23 I was doing so well, I took a shower and was able to wash every part of my body as long and as well as I wanted when in the past showering was very difficult. I was outside sitting on top of a broken down cardboard box (don't want to sit directly on dirt, especially in short shorts lol) picking out small weeds in our overgrown garden! Then later that night my husband was reading to me and I felt very tired but didn't think anything of it.


The next day in the morning I was trying to figure out a recipe I could write down in grams for a blueberry smoothie recipe and felt weird trying to figure it out. After drinking my smoothie I tried to sort through old clothes, figuring out what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to give away. Felt weird and not good after sometime trying to decide what to do with some clothes. A little later I felt very sick and fatigued. This is a point where I went wrong. I started doing too much over these last few days. I overdid it. And I paid severely.




It was incredibly difficult to eat anything and do basic things like using the bathroom or washing my hands. Took about 3 weeks to be able to eat more normal. Very very very bad time. Do not recommend it. It was even worse because I live near a military base testing area and they were doing shooting testing which was very disturbing to me. Loud gunshots over and over for long periods of time then would stop for hours then would continue again, even in the night time which would make it hard to fall asleep. Then 4th of July was also horrible because the sounds of the fireworks bothered me a lot. Over time I did get somewhat better, but I haven't been as good as I was in June 2020 for the rest of the time until now Dec 2021. I never seemed to get any better. Only worse as time went on.


Late July/August 2020

Sometimes I could be in the kitchen with my husband while he cooks, we made some pretty cool stuff, him doing pretty much everything but me with the ideas and amounts for things. I started having chili with lots of beans, corn, nutritional yeast, and a cashew sour cream with vinegar in it, as well as having vegan mac and cheese with whole wheat pasta, oats, nutritional yeast, and vinegar among other non-trouble foods in it. I started to get worse and not understanding why my "post concussion syndrome" wasn't getting any better, and felt like I was reversing in progress. Why wasn't my brain healing?


When I would go outside with my husband to sit outside for a while it seemed like I would get fatigued and need to go inside sooner and sooner as the time went on. The outside environment sounds started becoming more overwhelming and I would be anxious when outside.


Panic attacks started to happen more often after eating, especially after smoothies if they didn't have greens in them. I ended up eating less smoothies without greens, so no blueberry or strawberry smoothies, just the mango banana kale one I mentioned earlier. I stopped going outside at all because it would overwhelm me and fatigue me too much and cause anxiety.


In the fall of 2020 around Mid-October I started getting really bad, smoothies or any fruit were giving me panic attacks (More on the REAL reason later) so I stopped all-together with smoothies, did minimal fruit in oatmeal (not gluten free specific), started increasing fats like peanut butter, avocado, more coconut yogurt to increase calories to eat enough. (My husband read online on mainstream medical websites that healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and avocados help with concussion healing so we had been incorporating those more since the start of my concussion but increased more so during fall of 2020.)


Then I got to a point where I could only eat very nut buttered oatmeal and sandwiches without getting panic attacks or less often at least. We figured out that having too much fats with too much sugars and salt would trigger my panic attacks more. I would get panic attacks exclusively after eating and never because of thinking of things that are stressful/anxiety or situation happening. My heart would race after eating and sometimes start a panic attack, especially later meals in the day. Breathing techniques learned for panic attacks would often make my heart race MORE, not less, so I would have to breathe differently to calm myself down than taught by medical people.


I'd often have trouble falling asleep at night and would get hungry before being able to fall asleep, or would get up to use the bathroom in the night and not be able to fall back asleep. I would need my husband to get up to make me avocado toast (low sodium ezekiel bread) to fall asleep.


I got so bad with extreme fatigue, panic attacks, and body feeling like low blood pressure in my legs I had to keep them lifted by pillows when laying in bed or sleeping. My arms would hurt if I had them raised above my body when sitting or sleeping and I had general overall weakness.


My husband ended up having to feed me himself because my fatigue was too much for me to eat myself. I'm talking- feeding me every spoonful of oatmeal, and cut up those veggie sandwiches I mentioned before into bites and hand feed me each bite. All day. Not to mention the sandwiches my husband would make took pretty much 2 hours everyday to make with all the layers. My brain would super fatigue if I tried to feed myself. My brain would kind of like shut down or have this extreme fatigue seizing up feeling where my brain couldn't process things.


I ended up going to the hospital November 6 2020 and they determined my symptoms were panic attack related and gave me a benzo for the first time. It was great for that day but then I needed benzos pretty much everyday or every other day because I would be so not good, anxious and get panic attacks all while eating heavy nut butter oatmeals and sandwiches and feeling terrible all the time. I started feeling really depressed due to feeling like shit all the time, exxxtreme fatigue, and taking benzos so often messed with my natural happiness. During this fall time I was sleeping an average of 11 hours a day.


Around December I noticed my stomach was feeling full but I would still be hungry, my husband looked up my symptoms online and we realized I ended up getting gastroparesis. On 12/15/2020 I officially realized/accepted my stomach wasn't emptying right and we changed my diet. I started having mango pineapple probiotic juice, oatmeal with no nut butter but still the coconut yogurt, peeled mashed potatoes with almond milk, nutritional yeast and garlic powder. I was having 8 meals a day and needed to eat every hour after finishing food. The panic attacks stopped at this point after changing diet. IT WAS THE FAT! Not the sugars!


After this point I went to several doctors, primary, 2nd neurologist, gastro doc, psychiatrist, but I could only do psychiatrist just to get prescribed meds as chronic fatigue would fatigue me so much I would need 2 weeks to recover at points, couldn't talk to them more than basic. Only went to my psychiatrist Jan 2021, May, and November.


I got basically every neurologist test done, MRI, EEG, EKG, EMG, NVC, and lots of different blood tests on different occasions and all came back normal except 1 in the stress test/ EKG visit where I wouldn't sweat in places tested but during this period my hands would sweat all the time a little bit. (Not just for the test but all the time from like Nov 2020 to Dec 2021 I would notice it all the time, everyday, sometimes more heavily sweating than other times). I had a big list of weird symptoms I can't remember all of them but here are some that I can remember:


  • Extreme fatigue or risk of fatigue
  • Tinnitus
  • Headaches
  • Face pain
  • Cobblestones in throat, spicy food or citrus would bother. Walk in clinic said it's just allergies so thought it was normal
  • Mild throat soreness but wouldn't notice most of time, so thought it was normal
  • Weird mucus everyday. Again thought it was just allergies.
  • Racing heart, worse after eating, again thought this was normal or thought it was related to anxiety
  • Chest pain, usually left side but sometimes right side
  • General weakness
  • Aches and pains that would shift around, it wasn't extreme like some peoples, I just thought it was normal to sometimes have aches or pains
  • Muscle twitches and spasms
  • Weird vision issues
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Body feeling stressed for no reason/trigger
  • Insomnia
  • Night sweats, sometimes I'd wake up 2 hours after falling asleep hot and sweaty, heart racing and body feeling swollen
  • Tingles and numbness in hands and fingers
  • Pain in fingers
  • Pain in hands and feet
  • Sometimes mild arthritis feeling in risks/hands/fingers but I thought it was from poor nutrition and limited variety in foods
  • Sometimes mild joint pain which I thought was from diet and staying in bed all day not moving around
  • Sometimes tightness in neck and chest
  • My period stopped all together for many months once I stopped taking birth control, now it's here every once in a while but extremely light.
  • Overwhelment
  • Loud sounds bothering me such as kitchen sounds, family members on the phone, TV, music, outside
  • Talking to even family members would cause fatigue so we kept to basic living survival convos
  • (Very rare) feeling of falling over
  • Food sensitivities which I had more mild of before concussion and got worse over time
  • Gastroparesis
  • Other symptoms I can't think of right now


Around Jan-Feb 2021 I started eating tofu scramble and white wheat pasta with WFPB no oil no sugar tomato sauce because I was feeling terrible from not enough iron and my husband read online that iron supplements can cause stomach issues and because I was already so not well I didn't want to risk something that would make me sick and unable to eat at all. He read online on an article that people with gastroparesis can eat tofu for iron/protein and white pasta was less fiber so it is easier to digest and had fortified iron.


I was getting even more worse eating this way and eventually my gastroparesis got even worse. I was having insomnia most nights or would wake up from sleep heart racing and sweaty, body feeling like it swollen especially in hands. I ended up stopping tofu and pasta.


I started having banana smoothie milkshakes with almond milk. I would have 2 oatmeals with mashed banana, flax and almond milk, then alternate between milkshake and mashed potatoes every other meal ending with potato. I later on started taking iron supplements and I was already taking d3 and b12 at the time. I started feeling better after taking an iron supplement.


Around the same time my husband told his friend about our situation and he told my husband about Anthony/Medical Medium. My husband looked at the free healing course online on the Medical Medium site and he bought a cheap juicer from Walmart.


My husband made celery juice but I couldn't take more than 1/4th cup of it because it was so ghastly (this was a day old or more celery juice and juicer sucked and would leave tons of pulp) we didn't know fresh was so important both on benefits and taste, and I was doing it in the middle of the day as I thought first thing would fill up my stomach too much for breakfast as water did to me. I now realize fresh is truly best and waiting even a day makes the juice extremely gross.


We tried juicing spinach which tasted super gross and juicing blueberries but that also made me feel bad. We tried adding wild blueberries in my oatmeal and spinach in smoothies but anything with fiber would make me feel terrible and stop my stomach from emptying even more.


Literally my husband would have to go on a wild potato chase at different stores because even the slightest bit of lumps in the cooked mashed potatoes would cause me to feel terrible and digestion even worse and he would have to go find potatoes at a store that we'd try that wouldn't have lumps. Then sometimes the potato would change they'd have in the bags and he'd have to look again if they had lumps when cooked. I had many times of this happening and being extremely hungry and not good but stomach being full. I would sometimes have to ask my dad to make me potatoes or go to the store to get more because my husband would be so tired after trying to make some for me over and over and still having lumps, making them inedible for me.


I lost a lot of weight going from 107-110 normal weight (I'm 5'4") to low 90s. Seeing my gastro doctor I had an ultrasound which revealed nothing.


I then had a colonoscopy on June 26th and the gastro people found out from it that I had 2 bacteria H. Pylori and H. Heilmannii but they FORGOT to call us to tell me the results and that my prescription for antibiotics was ready lol!


So my dad called them like 5 weeks later and were um hello? What are the results? (They had called to set up a follow up appointment so I thought I would find out the results at the follow up appointment, but we were looking at old voicemails to delete and on 1 voicemail we received the day after the colonoscopy the person said someone should call to tell us results within a week of test, which someone called but didn't say results, just called to schedule.) So we realized then when replaying the voicemail that we should have been notified by now.


My dad calls them, finds out I have the bacteria, because it had been so long since they prescribed the meds they said we had to come back for ANOTHER appointment before they could prescribe another. MAD, my dad was able to finesse an appointment for the next business day with them. He said (in an angry tone) it was ridiculous that no one informed us and that I could have started the antibiotics 5 weeks ago and that they wanted me to wait even more time until our next scheduled appointment to even get prescribed meds again.


I went to the appointment the following monday, my doctor apologized that no one told us the results and about the prescription and prescribed me the antibiotics and stomach-acid reducer needed for antibiotics to work.


I took the meds and it was TERRIBLE. It got worse and worse every day I was taking them. Which I had to do for 10 days. I questioned many times if I should go to ER. Extreme chest pains, panic attacks, insomnia along with other common side effects listed on the med instructions which include but are not limited to:


  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling of falling over
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches


We didn't read the full pamphlets of the meds until I was having all these terrible side effects.


Found out that you're not supposed to use products with propylene glycol which my deodorant had. I stopped wearing deodorant for the remainder of the antibiotics, and because the odor is from bacteria on skin, antibiotics made those bacteria go bye-bye so I didn't smell. I then switched to Schmidt's, a more natural deodorant. My husband had been making his own deodorant for years and told me how propylene glycol is bad for you but I had tried natural deodorants in the past and had bad experiences with them.


Pylera was the antibiotics with a stomach acid lessener I forget the name of that they prescribed. I had to take my prescribed generic Ativan (benzo) the first 8 nights because of extreme insomnia, and stress. (I normally would only take benzos about 1-2 times in 9 days, just to shower and go to appointments so this was a LOT for me). The reason I didn't after the 8 days was because I was afraid my chest pain, racing heart, and other symptoms were because of withdrawal. (Looking back I don't think that's what it was at all. I think it was because of EBV and antibiotics combining).


Towards the end of the 10 days my body was having trouble regulating temperature when having my banana almond milkshakes and I had to stop having those. I had a very poor appetite towards the end but hey, I made it through. I later found out in Anthony's book Cleanse To Heal that viruses LOVE and feed off of antibiotics and thrive off them which is why I think I had such a bad time during taking them. Meds that made my stomach acid content lowered for antibiotics to work I'm sure didn't make my body happy in a sense.


After I finished my gastroparesis was gone. (THANK THE UNIVERSE!) I could eat other foods again. I had issues with eating and body temperature regulating for like 4 days after finishing the antibiotics and was eating just banana oatmeal and mashed potatoes.


After that and for the next few weeks I slowly incorporated new foods again. I finished antibiotics on night 8/14/21 into 8/15/21. When I had my follow up appointment with my GI on 9/13/21 she said that most people with my bacteria have no symptoms, let alone gastroparesis.


Going back in time I also had a neurological study test done during 2 days in July, the 13th and the 26th. According to their results they told me on 9/7/21 I had no issues with my brain so it wasn't permanent brain damage from my concussion and they said my issues were psychological in nature and that I should see a psychiatrist. Even though I would be extremely fatigued when I would get home or the day after testing and still had extremely debilitating fatigue overall that doesn't get better from rest or trying to work myself to stretch limits. My limits would not budge no matter how many "little increments'' I would try to make. To them it was a "psychological issue".


They said that I had conversion disorder and somatic symptom disorder, which they said I am not in control of. My different doctors said sometimes people have real physical symptoms that are caused by psychological problems, and that they're not made up and that it's not something you can control, and that because of my 2 concussions I've had now, that could have set something off in the brain.


I knew this wasn't it. I knew there was something else.


As I incorporated more foods I stopped taking iron and d3 supplements and started having the following everyday:



  • Oatmeal with:
    • Wild blueberries
    • Lots of bananas
    • Strawberries
    • Peaches
    • Pears
    • White dragon fruit
    • Other summer fruits.
    • Flax seeds
    • Almond milk
    • So Delicous unsweetened plain coconut yogurt


2nd meal option 1:

  • Green smoothie with:
    • Mango
    • Banana
    • Kale
    • Spinach


2nd meal option 2 I started incorporating over time:

  • Green smoothie with:
    • Wild blueberries
    • Banana
    • Spinach


3rd meal:

  • Curry with:
    • Red lentils
    • Kale
    • Mild vegan kimchi
    • Brown rice
    • Other assorted veggies such as:
      • Potatoes
      • Sweet potatoes
      • Broccoli
      • Cabbage
      • Bell peppers
      • Carrots
      • Peas


4th meal:

  • Mashed potatoes with:
    • Mashed potatoes w/
      • Almond milk
      • Nutritional yeast
      • Garlic powder
    • Brown lentils w/
      • Garlic powder
      • Bay leaf
      • Nutritional yeast
    • Ezekiel low sodium sprouted whole wheat bread, toasted


As time passed, I felt worse and worse. Oatmeal started making me feel weird so I stopped having as much fruit on top, I started having the 2nd meal 2nd option smoothie to get more blueberries in, smoothies would make me feel very very tired after. I would do no thinking after and be so tired and just lay in bed not thinking of anything until the time passed. Curries were starting to make my heart race after eating, my last meal would also do this and cause my body to feel stressed and sometimes at night I would have trouble sleeping and get hungry before falling asleep and have a quick simple oatmeal with just water.


I thought what I was eating was healthy, this was everything listed as good in books like How Not To Die by Dr. Greger. I thought I would heal by eating these foods. I remember thinking to myself when I had gastroparesis "if only my stomach was healed, I know what to eat, I would be able to eat the healing foods to heal." Not knowing that what I thought was "healthy" was only partly true. I was eating all the daily dozen except "exercise" everyday:


  • Beans
  • Berries
  • Other fruit
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Greens
  • Other vegetables
  • Spices & herbs
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Flax
  • Whole Grains
  • Beverages


Guess Greger's book is good for NOT dying but not necessarily good for ultimate healing.


After I was done with the antibiotics I had this strong urge to get a personal session with Anthony, I didn't care if it was $1,000, I needed help beyond what mainstream science had to offer. I was only getting worse and worse again and I was afraid I if I didn't get help soon I might get something like gastroparesis again.


My husband and I are both spiritual, and my husband was able to channel a few times in the winter 2020 to 2021. He learn from the book called opening to channel. We have also been aware of the law of attraction from before my illnesses started. My husband has also watched channeling videos of other people including xoltal and asked things to them. So we are open to things like Medical Medium and the Spirit of Compassion.


My husband, with my insistence, looked up on Medical Medium's website to see if he had any sessions available, he didn't. All he had was books. Previously my husband told me Anthony had books when my husband originally looked up the free healing path guide, but based off the limited information on the free guide I thought that the books would pretty much be the same. Limited and non-issue specific. Disappointed that there were no sessions posted on the website we stopped searching for then.


About a week later I thought about it some more and thought it's worth a shot. I mean I explored basically every mainstream medical science without a real answer. My husband and I agreed that the book Medical Medium would be a good first choice.


We ordered the book and on 9/5/21 we found out what I really had was Epstein Barr Virus, not an extremely long case of post concussion syndrome. My concussion led to post concussion syndrome which triggered EBV to come out of hiding, and sneakily transitioned to EBV symptoms as I healed from my concussion, making it unnoticeable since the symptoms are pretty similar. Fatigue, headaches, tinnitus, and more.


It explained everything.


Fast forward side note: just recently (late Dec 2021, early Jan 2022) I read the EBV chapter for myself and it says EBV has a best friend; streptococcus. Which Anthony says can cause strep throat and infect the sinuses (reason why I think I have weird mucus and throat issues).


Back to the past:


My husband was reading the back story about EBV and telling me about it and I was like "oh my god, those are like all my symptoms!!!" At this time my husband was just starting to read about EBV. I mentioned EBV to my psychic test evaluator during our meeting on 9/7/21 and she said that she doesn't think I have EBV, and that I "shouldn't try to pinpoint it on something external" because she thought it was all internal, but not something I can control. (Conversion and somatic symptom disorder).


About 3 weeks after antibiotics I started feeling the familiar not goodness again, started feeling hungry and full at same time again, started having more symptoms again beyond what I was already experiencing. I got a follow up stool test done and it came back negative. Confused, my family went to ask my GI doc on the MyChart app, where we found out it said I was supposed to fast for the test, which no one told me.


On the 9/13 follow-up appointment with my GI, they told me that the "no fast" thing said on the MyChart app must be a mistake in the app, because you don't need to fast she said. I continued eating the same way until my husband read the "what not to eat" foods in Medical Medium, and I felt ready to make changes.


There we saw gluten was the biggest culprit, my "healthy sprouted whole wheat Ezekiel bread" toasts were giving me issues and preventing me from healing! The non-certified gluten free oats! Fermented foods were on the list, my kimchi I was eating! The grains were surprising, brown rice being bad for healing? We even found out that oats and millet are not as good for healing and should be left out for healing EBV. I was having too much legumes, while not listed in the book as bad, it takes up space for other healing foods I could be eating instead. The nutritional yeast in my mashed potatoes oh nooooo. I already knew I had sensitivities to soy and corn, even "organic" so I already wasn't eating those since my previous experiences.


I slowly changed my diet over time and 9/26/21 was the official day I was eating none of the "no" foods and all of the "yes" foods.


The first month I was fully raw except mashed potatoes at night, starting off with citrus water, sometimes celery juice after that, a wild blueberry smoothie in morning but without dulse, barely, spirulina, and cilantro. We were doing cardamom in it though. My husband read in How Not To Die a long time ago that cardamom and blueberries boost each other's cancer fighting abilities, and it's really tasty together.


Then the 2nd meal was a green smoothie, either the spinach strawberry salad but a smoothie version from the medical medium book or we'd do my mango kale spinach smoothie we were doing last year in 2020.


My 3rd meal was a mixed berry smoothie or wildcard smoothie where it could be any flavor, vanilla, strawberry, etc. But I soon would get sick of too much sweetness and opt for citrus at night like clementines with cucumber and or bell pepper.


My 4th meal I'd have mashed potatoes with no nutritional yeast, still peeled but at a point we stopped peeling skin, alongside some little leaf romaine lettuce and for toppings I'd have chopped grape tomatoes and green onions. I started sprinkling spices on top as well. My husband would make celery juice on and off for the first month but we stopped after that. It is too much for him to do along with having to take care of me for everything else. We don't have good juicer and he would do it in our vitamix and strained with cheesecloth but all that is wayyyy too much for him to do before he's even had breakfast.


Here are some pictures of the foods I ate/ still eat:

Part of half my wild blueberry smoothie. Took a few sips so not a full half size.


Half the spinach strawberry salad smoothie adaptation version from the Medical Medium book. Has left over residue from the morning blueberry smoothie.


My mashed potatoes and veggies with spices. As I eat it I add more toppings, just can't fit in the bowl all at once. I commonly have other steamed side veggies like Brussel sprouts, not pictured.


Just since early-mid-December 2021 we've been doing the full heavy metal detox smoothie add ins (dulse, barley wheat grass juice powder, spirulina, and cilantro) along with cardamom and vanilla powder. Some days he doesn't do all add-ins as it's too much effort some days. I now have a berry bowl before 2nd smoothie with raspberries, blueberries, grapes, and black berries. Easy to rinse for my husband and no chopping.


Pics of berry bowls:


Partial berry bowl with black grapes


Berry bowl with red grapes


Another pic of a red grape berry bowl


Still doing green smoothies everyday, mostly the strawberry spinach, and rarely a pineapple mango banana spinach, or the mango banana kale spinach smoothie from 2020. Sometimes I have other fruit like grapes or we try to ripen small papayas in the middle of our banana stash the best we can if they are on clearance at the store and light green enough.


For my 3rd meal I'm still mostly having clementines with cucumber and or bell pepper or subbed for oranges but sometimes I have cooked veggies like roasted sweet potato or a wild card meal that could be anything.


My 4th meal is still mashed potatoes with tomato, lettuce, and green onion; sometimes swapped for red onion. I also have other cooked veggies with it, usually easy frozen steam bags like asparagus, Brussel sprouts, carrots, peas and carrots, etc.


As of the last month (mid-December), I sometimes rarely have beans, coconut aminos, kimchi, or some avocado as a special treat at night with either wild card 3rd meal or 4th meal potatoes. Sometimes my husband makes food for himself with nutritional yeast and I'll have 1 bite or 2 such as air fried potato chunks.


Also a side note about food is that I also "bless" or set intentions/thank my food, thinking of how I am grateful for the healing food for healing me before eating it. If I forget and already ate, I thank the food in my belly. I've heard being present with your food/no distractions makes the nutrients absorb better and with me believing the law of attraction being grateful for things makes other things that are great appear in your life. So I believe setting intentions in the food results in better healing properties. Kind of like how Anthony says to do chants into water in his Thyroid healing book. Similar to that. I believe it works but it's on you to believe it or not. Doesn't hurt to try ?.


Before mid December 2021 though I was strictly only "yes" foods. I do absolutely no gluten, corn, soy, grains or anything not whole food plant based excluding fruit juice for sauces and other generally WFPB accepted things such as store bought almond milk.


Before Jan 2022, I've been in bed pretty much all day except to use the bathroom and don't go outside anywhere except for appointments. My husband has made all my meals for me except for some meals in June 2020 when I was getting a bit better before relapse and fruit I can grab myself since the start of my concussion.


I am now as of early Jan 2022 starting to help with my own smoothies again. The last few days me and my husband have made my smoothies together, except one day where I was too fatigued after showering.


Note: it's 1/7/2022, for the last several days I've been able to make my own smoothies or mostly, and oftentimes clean the blender, and I've been prepping things such as overnight oats for my husband or making mung bean sprouts, all by myself! I even partly helped my husband start some brown rice for himself.


Today Jan 3rd 2022, I was able to make my own blueberry smoothie by myself, but my husband needed to do the cleaning blender part for me. I felt light headed earlier so I had my husband supervise me while I made the first half of my strawberry spinach smoothie. We make that one twice since sometimes the last part of it tastes too gross by the time I'm finishing it. He also did the cleaning of the blender after. I plan on making my second half by myself later as long as I don't get fatigued. I also successfully made part of an overnight oatmeal for my husband this morning. 2nd time I've been able to partially make an oatmeal since my healing. So he can have breakfast mostly made to make up for having to help me with all the rest of my meals. He usually sleeps in to catch up on sleep while I'm up stretching in bed/ bed yoga to move my muscles around some and drinking the pre-made citrus water he prepares for me the night before. Then today he got more sleep as I was able to make my first smoothie myself, aside from cleanup. Feels good.


My chronic fatigue caused by EBV has caused me to be pretty debilitated/disabled and unable to do much. But I am finally healing now thanks to the information by Anthony William and his Spirit of Compassion. It does work!!!


Before changing my diet to Anthony's recommendations I was unable to be on my phone AT ALL other than to check the time or if someone is calling me due to my unforgiving relentless fatigue. Looking at any screen or doing much of anything in my life other than resting and thinking of practical living things such as what do I want to eat next would bring on fatigue. When I'm fatigued it makes eating very difficult along with other daily living things. My life was extremely debilitating.


After changing my diet to Medical Medium recommendations I am finally having a lift in my fatigue and a lot of my pain and muscle related symptoms have gone away, only returning when eating not "yes" foods. I still have fatigue but I am able to do more than before. I still have tinnitus, eye floaters, and tracers in indirect vision. My hands don't sweat a little bit all the time anymore for probably like a month now. Still have throat issues, cobblestones and mucus but less. Headaches don't happen anymore unless fatigued. Joints don't hurt nearly as often, muscle spasms way less often, very very rare chest pain and my heart doesn't race anymore. Easier time sleeping, my body doesn't feel stressed for no reason. I feel better and happier. After changing my diet I only have taken my prescribed generic Ativan very few times, mostly just for appointments which are much less often now. Next one isn't for over a month. Benzos feed viruses I read in Cleanse To Heal and the day after them sometimes my symptoms will flare up a little bit for a day then goes away.


I wouldn't have been able to surf the web let alone write a comment or write something as big as this 3 months ago. In the 1st month of diet changes I was able to ask my phone questions using voice assistant, and help with putting clean laundry away 1 item at a time with space in between. Then the 2nd month I was able to look at some recipes online with a lot of space in between. Just in the last 3 weeks or 4 I've been able to be on my phone a lot more without fatigue. Now I can be on my phone much more during the day. Granted I can only look at my phone with 1 eye open and 1 eye shut as 2 eyes does something to me that causes fatigue much more quickly. I can now walk to the fridge to grab pre-made meals more regularly now whereas previously I couldn't.


Healing may not be fast but it will happen just have patience! I am super happy I can be back on the internet finally for the first time in almost 2 years! Much better than being too fatigued to even day dream and try not to do anything other than meditation breathing so I don't think too much. Big improvement now to how I used to be, even though I still have a lot of healing to do before I'm independent.


Medical Medium is a life saver. Coming from someone who used to be vegan, then a WFPB vegan still not healing, Medical Medium/Anthony's diet recommendations are the ones that WILL heal you and have been healing me.


I hope you enjoyed reading. I hope this gives you encouragement and hope for your own healing journey, whether from EBV or some other illness. We will get through this. Together ❤️.


My best wishes

- Kelly



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