疗愈故事(28)- 焦虑和恐慌症的故事 Healing Stories (28) Anxiety & Panic Attack


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疗愈故事(28)- 焦虑和恐慌症的故事 Healing Stories (28) Anxiety & Panic Attack

从@karimas_inspirations转发 当焦虑夺走我女儿的生活 我女儿在11岁那年开始感到焦虑并经历惊恐症发作。 见证她的痛苦对我来说是非常折磨的一件事情,因为她认为自己无法过上想要的生活,快乐和幸福更是遥不可及的想法,不可能实现。友情反而会造成威胁感,而不是给人滋养和连接。 她经历了许多学习相关的困难;无法忍受封闭空间;很难入睡;脑子里总是思绪飞驰,持续担心很小的事情,诸如穿什么或吃什么。 恐惧占据了她的生活。她害怕去上学、结识朋友、旅行、唱歌和表演。她甚至不敢进食,因为当她吃饱时,焦虑感就开始出现。 持续不断的焦虑、横膈膜处的紧张,胸部和胃部的敏感对她的自我感觉造成了巨大影响。她认为自己毫无希望,有根本性的问题,在生活中无法靠自己变得成功。 我和我丈夫对此感到绝望,不知道怎样能够帮助我们的女儿。我在她身边度过了无数个夜晚,祈求指导和帮助。在我了解到安东尼威廉的信息之前,没有医生和疗愈师能帮助我们。通过安东尼威廉的信息,我了解到造成我女儿焦虑以及她经历的大多数其他症状是由于体内大量的病毒和细菌,以及有毒重金属。 她开始实践安东尼威廉给出的净化疗愈法:醒来喝柠檬水和西芹汁,早餐是重金属排毒果昔,在饮食中把所有阻碍健康和疗愈的食物都去除了,在短短几个月内,她感觉好了很多。 在过去的九个月中,她已经完全没有症状。焦虑完全消失,惊恐症发作已停止,皮肤过敏和湿疹也消失了。 她恢复了正常的生活,很快乐,散发着健康和喜悦,对未来充满梦想,并且对创作歌曲充满了热情。


















Repost from @karimas_inspirations WHEN ANXIETY ROBES YOUR DAUGTHER OF HER LIFE My daughter started to experience anxiety & panic attacks when she was 11 yrs old.  It was excruciatingly painful for me to witness her suffering so deeply, believing that she couldn’t have her life, where joy & happiness were more a distant thought than reality. Her friendships created feelings of threat, instead of being a source of nourishment & connection. She had many difficulties;with learning, she couldn’t tolerate enclosed spaces, she had a hard time falling asleep,she had racing thoughts, continually worrying about simple things like what to wear and what to eat.  Fear became predominant in her life. She was afraid to go to school, to meet friends, to go on trips, to sing and perform. She was even scared to eat because when she felt full, feelings of anxiety came online.  Constant worries, the tension in the diaphragm and chest and stomach sensitivity were having a massive impact on her sense of self and who she was taking herself to be. She believed she was hopeless, that something was fundamentally wrong with her and that she will not succeed in life on her own. My husband and I were devastated, running out of options on how to help our daughter. I spent countless nights next to her, praying and asking for guidance and help. No doctor and no therapist could help us until I learned about @medicalmedium ??✨?Through his information, I understood that anxieties & most of the other’s symptoms she was dealing with are due to viral & bacterial overload plus heavy metal toxicity in the body. She started implementing MM protocols in her daily life. Lemon water, upon waking up, followed by celery juice, and afterwards, HMDS smoothie. We cut out all of the "troublemaker foods”. In just a few months, she already felt better. For the past nine months, she has been entirely free of symptoms. Anxieties have completely dissipated, panic attacks have stopped, her skins sensitivities and eczema have dissolved.  She has her life back. She is happy, radiating health and joy. She is excellent at school, she has dreams for the future, and she reclaimed her passion for writing songs


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