疗愈故事(45)- 几十种病症的疗愈 Healing of various Symptoms


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疗愈故事(45)- 几十种病症的疗愈 Healing of various Symptoms



我的深度疗愈之旅开始于 2017 年 6 月。每年这个时候,我的手机都会提醒我过去的状态,以及我身心灵疗愈之道上走了多远。



医生告诉我我处于抑郁状态,需要减肥,吃药来应对。我知道这不是答案。因为作为一个多年前减重过 60 磅的人,且一生都处于超重状态,我清楚地知道体重问题并不是我各类病症的答案。我拒绝了医生给予的在伤口上贴创可贴的方式,因为这解决不了任何问题。我知道一定有其他方法,我需要更深入地了解自己,继续寻找其他疗愈方式。

我永远感激@orianna.milne 给了我安东尼威廉的书,这彻底改变了我的生活,改变了我对于疗愈的想法,并让我走上了真正的疗愈之道,重拾健康、头脑和对生活的热爱。?







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It was June 2017 when my deep healing journey began. This time of year my phone likes to remind me of where I have been, and how far I have come on this journey back to mind + body + soul alignment.

I no longer suffer from:Hormone ImbalanceHypothyroidism PCOSPMSBloating (50+ of what felt like an ocean of liquid weight on my body)Breakouts Depression, Anxiety, mood swingsRashes, skin reactions to bites, foods, you name it - it happened. Swelling of my ankles, legs, feet (for a period even sandals wouldn’t fit!)Numbness throughout bodyInsomniaHair loss Brain fog

Doctors told me I was depressed, and just needed to lose some weight, take some pills and deal with it. I knew that wasn’t the answer.

As someone who lost over 60 pounds years before, after being overweight my entire life, I could tell the difference in the ‘weight’ I was holding this time around, and refused to put a bandaid over the issues the western doctors were pointing at. I knew there was more and I just had to go further into myself + continue to find alternative healing modalities.

I was gifted a @medicalmedium book by my forever favorite @orianna.milne that changed my life, my idea around healing, and set me on the road to truly regaining my health, my mind, my love for life. ?

I found so many healing answers in Liver Rescue, Life Changing Foods and Cleanse to Heal.

I no longer experience any of the above issues unless I try and live on the edge and eat that baby burrito, cause we all know that is my weakness (?)

My hair has grown back long, healthy, full and with some natural highlights.

I am filled with energy, vitality and LOVE each day as I feed my body the healing foods Mother Nature and our beautiful planet provide.

Since my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year, I am happy to report the whole family is now drinking celery juice everyday and feeling the positive healing benefits of it.

It can feel so helpless going from doctor to doctor without any answers or results. Everyday I am grateful to have been gifted #medicalmedium and Spirits healing wisdom. I am grateful for my journey, my health and how far I have come.




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